Brow Trends Of Today

By larry ball

Brow Trends Of Today

2021 obviously hasn't been a banner year – okay, understatement of the century – it’s been a downright dud.

However, there is at least one thing that has benefitted from the time spent solo and lack of makeup application we’ve all been embracing these past months – our brows. Yep, who knew it would take a global pandemic to finally give our poor arches the break they deserved?

And while, yes, we absolutely missed our tints and trims as much as you did, when it comes to everyday styling we can’t deny we’re kinda loving the low-maintenance brow life we’ve been living lately. TBH we’re not sure if we could ever return to the 15-minute shaping, filling and defining routine we used to commit to on the daily; we're tired just thinking about it.

The question is, is the aforementioned lengthy ritual even necessary anymore, or will we be embracing furry fluffiness far beyond this year? We spoke to Samantha Tonkin, Benefit Australia’s National Brow Artist to find out exactly what’s in store for our arches in 2022...

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